Who we are

  • We provide a friendly, approachable, trustworthy, personal and professional service. We believe the personal touch is essential in any business relationship and we deliver it without being un approachable
  • We aim to get you the finance you require in the timeframe that you request.
  • We provide quality and reliability by adopting a ‘hands on’ approach;every case is handled personally by a principal with expertise in farm finance, buy to lets, industrial and all types of commercial buildings. We hope this reassures you that you never become a just a ‘number’. It also helps that we have superb relationships with our lenders.
  • We understand the challenges many businesses have today especially at times where your own banks will not help and you need a alternative. Well we are that alternative. We can assist where you have cash flow problems. Poor credit can be dealt with and we can also accept projected income if viable therefore your previous years profits maybe low but your plans for the future will overcome this. Affordability for us is a must so we must be satisfied and you too that you can afford the commitment that you are entering in to.
  • We can arrange unregulated products on those properties and land that fall outside the scope of a wholly residential property

What we offer

  • Flexible financethroughout England and Wales on a first & second mortgage basis. Problem and difficult cases welcomed including when the Bank says “No”
    We provide funds to individuals, partnerships and companies.
  • Our Underwriting is flexible. We can work on projected income, distressed property etc...
  • We consider almost any property, please see above…
    (if you are unsure – please call)
  • We can provide finance for those cases that are unacceptable to High Street and other lenders.
  • Poor Credit History we are not concerned with arrears or CCJ’s. We specialise in financial problem cases, Bankruptcy, Statutory Demands, HMRC/Tax problems, Bank problems

How we work

  • You can contact us by phone, email or via our website
  • We aim to confirm as soon as possible whether or not we can help.
  • We trade on our reputation of finding the fastest and lowest cost solution for your needs.
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  • Phone: 0800 280 06 05